Palestine is the key to all our liberations

Activist perspectives on how Palestinian liberation connects to their local struggles and why it has taken a vital role in their movement

Activists from around the world, who are actively engaged in their local struggles, speak on why Gaza has become a rallying cry for them since October. "Palestine will liberate us all", what does this phrase mean on the ground, for those who have raised the Palestinian flag while often facing brutal repression themselves on the front lines against capitalist, imperialist violence.

Time & Location
July 25th
8pm CET

Activist Inputs
We will invite around 3-4 Activist Representatives, from around the world, to speak on their experiences in their Palestine Solidarity work and how it relates to their local surroundings and politics. The inputs should be around 10 minutes (max. 15 minutes) long. Below are some guiding questions we would like you to broadly structure your input around.

We would also like to introduce each panel with a short 30-60 second clip of your groups work, for example a part of a speech, or demonstration or occupation.

Guiding Questions
+ Where are you located, what is the local context in which you are active?

+ Why has Gaza become a focus point for your group?

+ How does it the fight for Palestinian liberation connect with your local struggles (indigenous rights, systematic racism, economic exploitation, etc.)?

+ How has your activism looked in the last 8 months (protests, direct action, etc.)? What success have you achieved? What difficulties have you faced?

+ What does international solidarity mean for you in this moment?

+ What are your goals for the near future?

+ What have you personally learnt? What has the struggle for Palestinian Liberation taught you?

+ What advice can you give to activists around the world?

Total Length 1h30min
5 min introduction by moderator
Activist Inputs by Representatives
10-15 minute Inputs each
each introduced by 30-60s clips
20 min

Please let us know if you or your group would like to join as a speaker
Either through the person who sent you this link or by email:

Palästina Kongress im Exil
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